Fearing Shortages, People Are Planting More Vegetable Gardens

After the Coronavirus outbreak, the world has stopped its activities and these include people and their daily activities, business’ activities, and other things that were normal before. This created a huge change in how people deal with their lives including going out to buy necessary food and stuff. In response to this, people are growing their food in their backyard as this provides them more food on their table and less effort to go outside and take risks just to buy what to eat.  

Because of the lockdown, some governments need to provide food for their citizens, and this is what is happening to Asian countries with smaller economies. And although canned goods and instant food can pacify a hungry stomach, there is a need to eat healthy foods that are natural and organic. This is where growing veggies and edible plants in the backyard or garden have become relevant to everyone.  

There are many ways to make steps on making your own garden and growing your own food, such as landscape and tree service to be able to clear up and make a good, spacious space for your veggie garden. Or you can do DIYs while at the same time researching and asking advice from the experts in the field. The State University‚Äôs Master Gardener program was able to see the need to grow personal food and the rising enthusiasm of the homeowners towards this hobby and they made their online veggie gardening course free up until the last week of April. This becomes very prominent that their post was shared 21,000 times on Facebook and had reached a wide audience and readers.  

One of the good ripples of this new-found hobby of everyone amid the pandemic is the demand for veggies seeds. In fact, the executive chairman of Burpee Seed Company in Warminster, Penn, stated in an interview that he had never seen a spike this high when it comes to seedlings demands. He made some comparisons to the stock market back in 1987, 2000, and 1970s.  

But the most important thing that has happened out of the growing interest in producing their own food, is the rising number of people planting and creating more greener spaces in their properties and communities. This creates a huge impact on different aspects of nature and human interaction. Because more and more households are planting, this will boost the production of oxygen and the consumption of carbon dioxide from the environment, leading to fresher air and slowing the global warming effects.  

Because of the crises, people, from all walks of life, are experiencing hardships and difficulties in different aspects of their lives. One of the ways on how to be productive and keep a good outlook is to use the little number of resources that we have and propagate more from these little resources. Growing our own food is very effortless and probably the cheapest hobby one can ever do; however, this provides many benefits: food, fresher air, good mental state, productivity, and a healthier environment.  

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