Amid Pandemic, The Multi-Year Tree-Planting Campaign Continues with Smaller Efforts

Because of the prevailing effects and destruction brought by global warming, the passion that drives the global societies to plant trees is getting stronger. In different cities and states, there are a number of organizations that work on achieving this objective. In Greenfield, for instance, there is an effort to plant trees in order to provide a good, healthy air for the years to come; however, most of their activities were paused due to the Corona outbreak.  

Despite the need to pause, the organization still does small jobs on achieving its objective to plant 800 new trees in the city of Greenfield. Also, tree companies and tree removal services are still on the go and are still providing their quality service to keep the neighborhood and the whole community maintains their ever-hard-earned green spaces. Activities such as these are important to provide fresher air to the people in response to the growing depression and negative thinking that have been propagating in the minds of the people who are forced to shut down their normal daily routine because of the outbreak.  

The 800 trees objective of the community of Greenfield is actually a resolution for the riding issue of dying trees which were planted several years ago. Since these trees were planted simultaneously, and so simultaneously they have started to die off in this year, and this creates a problem in the community. This effort has been provided by a grant from the United States Forest Service to the Franklin Land Trust, which is also very passionate and enthusiastic in supporting the community‚Äôs greener objectives. This grant also provides new trees to plant in North Adams and Montague for up to 2,400 trees altogether. 

To celebrate Arbor Day, Greenfield started its planting season at the Veterans Mall which was a continuation of their canceled initial plan to plant trees on April 30, again, due to the coronavirus outbreak. And although the whole community needed to readjust just to realize and continue the plan, the whole activity was a success, and a step nearer to their main objective. In order to be productive for the whole year round, the community plans on coordinating for a planting project that might happen this fall. They want to at least take baby steps in order to finally achieve and plant 800 trees this year.  

It was also reported that the community was able to achieve a very big planting project 60 years ago, and the trees that were planted in this project have started to die, thus the community feels the need for replacement.  

What is good and inspiring about the residents of the city of Greenfield is that all of them are passionate about contributing and continue their journey on providing their community with a greener environment with fresher air. Despite the need to pause and slow down their activities, the whole community is still doing its baby steps to achieve its goal to plant 800 trees.  

If more and more people share the same sentiments, there will be more trees that could support the needs of the future generation.  

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