Enroll With Jcpenney Associate Kiosk To Enjoy All Benefits

JC Penny is letting you to register with JCP Liquidation program online. In order to enroll yourself with this program you just have to provide registration details. A JC Penney associate will later contact you within given time period of one to two business days to finish the whole process of registration. Once you have submitted the form of enrollment an email will be sent on your given email address to confirm the enrollment. JC Penney needs information during enrollment in order to verify that either you have met the requirements to buy the liquidated merchandise or not. Once you have created the account, being a buyer you have to pay PC Penney via wire transfer, bank cashier check, certified check or money order in that stated where the delivery of merchandise will take place.

Detailed Guidelines To Register With Jcpenney Associate Kiosk

  1. To begin the process of registration you have to turn your personal computer on and open up the internet browser which you are using.
  2. Once you have opened the browser you have to open the official website of JC Penny at
  3. After opening the website you have to click on button of “Register”
  4. This click will bring an agreement form you have to read complete agreement details and click on button of “Accept/Agree” to proceed with process
  5. You will be given a registration form where you are supposed to provide required details.
  6. Enter name of company in marked field of text as instructed.
  7. Enter your contact name with which representative will contact you or call you
  8. Enter complete street address in given field along with name of city in next marked blank
  9. Select your state through drop down list and add zip code in next marked empty field.
  10. You are required to add phone number with which you will be contacted by the company
  11. Enter your fax number and email address in next fields of text as directed
  12. You need to select method of payment from given drop down list.
  13. Select carrier according to your choice from drop down menu.
  14. You have to select the answer from available options that from where you have find us
  15. If you have any other details feel free to add in tab of “Other preferable details”
  16. In next step you have to select the type of merchandise in which you are interested from available options.
  17. Once you have provided all the information you have to click on button of “Submit” to finish the whole process but if you did any mistake then click on button of “reset” located before button of “Submit” to re-enter the details

What Are The Basic Requirements To Buy Via JCP Website?

  1. The first step is to register yourself with website by creating an account online
  2. Then you have to browser the merchandise on inventory in order to select any one
  3. In next step you have to buy that selected item by adding the quantity and add it into the cart
  4. Furthermore, step of payment will take place. You can make payments via credit card, bank wire, cashier or check
  5. Once payment has been received the item is ready for shipment.

How Can One Update His Or Her Account Of JC Penney?

In order to update the account of JC Penney one have to follow stated below instructions

  1. First of all you have to visit official website of JC Penney and click on button of “Sign in”
  2. You will be redirected to section of log in where you are supposed to provide few details which you have created at the time of registration.
  3. Enter user name in given marked field along with password in next stated field
  4. Click on button of “SIGN ON” to get access to your account.
  5. Once you have accessed your account you need to click on the tab which is marked as “My Profile” in order to update account information.

How One Can Buy The Liquidation Merchandise Online?

Login your account properly and then hit the tab of “Inventory”. You will get the list of available liquid merchandise and then you have to pick up the one which you want to buy. Mention the quantity that how much you want to purchase and submit your order after reviewing the given details. Upon submission of order you will be contacted by the associate of JC Penney and he will give you the details about pricing and shipping.

JC Penney Offers Which Kind Of Merchandises?

JC Penney offers the following categories of merchandise for its customers:

  • Women, men, children, outerwear,
  • All apparel, shoes, jewelry,
  • Singles/mismates, small hard home, large hard home,
  • Tech/Electronics, Luggage, toys,
  • Large bedding, small soft home and Christmas hard home.

What Are The Conditions Of Merchandise?

Merchandise has four basic conditions as described below:

  • Returns:

Those merchandise which was sold to the customer but came back to store or warehouse due to some sort of damage or flaw.

  • Refurbished:

The merchandise which may be used but have been tested inspected and restored back to the order of working.

  • Salvaged:

Salvage is the primary returns which are sold for the scrap value and basically sold in a pound.

  • Overstock:

These are the items which are not sold at the expected value by the company.

Contact us:

You can contact us by adopting any of the given method:

  • You can contact us by calling our customer service center at the given number 1-800-542-0800 and get the required help.
  • Similarly you can also contact us by the sending a mail to the given email id [email protected] and inform about your problem to get the assistance from our online ambassadors.
  • Likewise you can also connect with us on our social media website s by following the given links and get the help about your problem:
  1.  Facebook
  2.  LinkedIn 
  3.  Youtube 
  4.  Twitter: 

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